Elbphilharmonie Talk with Wayne Marshall

Organist Wayne Marshall talks about his very first chord on a church organ and his fondness for Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder and the music of Austrian Franz Schmidt.

It is not easy to classify Wayne Marshall artistically: as a guest conductor, he conducts world-class orchestras from London to Berlin to Vienna; as a pianist, he has played all of George Gershwin's works. In Hamburg, he performed in his central role: as concert organist.

He was already scheduled to appear twice at the Elbphilharmonie, but the concert in May 2020 had to be cancelled owing to the pandemic, and the second time round, coronavirus thwarted his plans once again: his recital in November 2021 was transformed at short notice from a concert before an audience into a concert stream. But in October 2022, the time had finally come: he played in front of a sold-out Great Hall. Before the concert, he spoke with Tom R. Schulz about his career.

»Improvisation is something I have always done. When I started to play, I started to play by ear. Every programme I play contains improvisation. Because I think it’s very important. And it gives me the chance to be me.«

Wayne Marshall

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Concert Stream

On 2 November 2021, Waynce Marshall played an organ recital in the empty Great Hall, improvising on themes by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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