CANCELLED: Stravinsky in Hamburg

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Stravinsky revolutionised music history in 1913 with his scandalous ballet »Le sacre du printemps«, shaping the sound of modernism as a result. Towards the end of his long career, after the Second World War, he enjoyed working with the NDR Symphony Orchestra and did so often. To commemorate that relationship, a ten-day festival packed with events honouring Stravinsky had been planned. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this has now been transformed into an online festival – with three live streams from the Elbphilharmonie: Find out more

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NDR Choir / Philipp Ahmann
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Video on demand from 6 Apr 2021 : NDR Choir / Philipp Ahmann

The NDR Choir under its former chief conductor Philipp Ahmann opens the Stravinsky Festival with a concert marking the 50th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Stravinsky Festival

To mark the 50th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s death, the NDR dedicates an online festival to the great Russian composer, with three streams from the Elbphilharmonie.

NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra / Thomas Adès / Kirill Gerstein

The famous »Firebird« ballet music is performed alongside two less familiar works as part of the Stravinsky Festival. Video available until 13 Apr 2021.

NDR Bigband / Geir Lysne

In »Windows to Stravinsky«, Geir Lysne and the NDR Bigband demonstrate how well jazz and the Russian composer go together.