ePhil: Bérangère Maximin

This event has already taken place! 12
This event has already taken place! 12

Equipped with midi-controllers and effect machines, Bérangère Maximin turns her attention to the sounds of everyday life. On her latest album, »Frozen Refrains«, she creates a completely individual form of musical expression. Her sense of detail is evident in the interwoven structures and the broad range of sounds in her complex compositions. Maximin calls aesthetic norms into question and deliberately abandons them. Thus Bérangère Maximin stands firmly in the tradition of the »Musique concrète« of the mid-20th century, and fits right into the »ePhil« series in the resonanzraum in St. Pauli.

Finnish musician and composer Mika Vainio was originally planned to appear in this concert. But he died unexpectedly on 12 April 2017 aged 54. Vainio was one of the great pioneers in the field of ambient music. He started his musical career in the 1980s as a drummer and electronic artist in Finland’s early industrial/noise scene.


Bérangère Maximin live electronics

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