Workshop: Kosmos Sound

for families with children aged 6+

This event has already taken place! 8
This event has already taken place! 8
Kosmos Klang
Kosmos Klang © Claudia Höhne

We don’t hear music with our ears alone: we can also experience it intensely with our whole body and with all our senses. In the workshop »Kosmos Klang« many special instruments are available for the purpose, such as sound chairs and vibrating water bowls. Participants experience the relaxing effect of the vibrations produced, and even make the sounds visible.

Please note: This workshop is aimed at families with children aged 6+.
Children younger than six years may not participate in this workshop.

Estimated end time

approx. 16:45

Promoter: HamburgMusik

Supported by Stiftung Elbphilharmonie with funding from the Körber Foundation’s »ZukunftsMusik«

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