Twinkle Concert M / Radikinas

Children’s Concert: Ages 3–5

Sold out 6 | 12 Remaining tickets occasionally available at box office
Sold out 6 | 12 Remaining tickets occasionally available at box office
Funkelkonzert »Radikinas«
Funkelkonzert »Radikinas« © Elide Gramegna

Something’s growing!

Small roots under the earth become sprouts and little by little something much bigger! »Radikinas« uses theatre and pictures to tell a story about growth and life underground. And of course there is lots of music – such as a colourful vegetable symphony to mark the onset of spring. The story is inspired in part by Sibylle von Olfer’s classic 1906 picture book »Something about the Root Children«.

»Twinkle Concerts« is the series of children’s concerts at the Elbphilharmonie that brings the most successful productions from all over Europe to Hamburg. At times funny and playful, at others thoughtful and reflective, the series introduces children to the world of music in a special and unique way. In addition, the popular Elfi Baby Concerts for expectant mothers and parents with babies up to one year of age continue to take place at the Elbphilharmonie and in many Hamburg districts.



Elena La Conte flute, voice, composition
Kristina van de Sand violin, viola, voice, composition
Margherita Lavosi acting, voice
Elide Gramegna illustrator


A musical performance about the hidden life underground


Twinkle Concerts M / Ages 3–5

Promoter: HamburgMusik

A coproduction by Mosaicollective (PT/IT/DE) and Compagnia di Teatro La Botte e il Cilindro (IT)

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