Symphoniker Hamburg / Sylvain Cambreling

Messiaen: Turangalîla Symphony

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Tickets from €35.20 23.10 | 35.20 | 69.30 | 85.80 | 97.90
Sylvain Cambreling
Sylvain Cambreling © J. Konrad Schmidt
David Kadouch
David Kadouch © Marco Borggreve

Passion through music

Tumultuous, iridescent and mystical: the French composer Olivier Messiaen pulls out all the stops in his Turangalîla Symphony. Inspired by the Tristan legend, Messiaen’s work explores and expresses love and passion in all their facets. The title of this unique sound cosmos, Turangalîla, comes from Sanskrit and means »all at the same time, song of love, hymn to joy, time, movement, rhythm, life and death« (Messiaen).

In addition to a huge orchestra and piano obligato (a very challenging part!), the full-length work requires a solo ondes Martenot, an electronic keyboard instrument with a sound similar to the human voice. A passionate and moving evening with music that, according to its creator, »knows delicateness and vehemence, love and impetuousness; (…) music of stained glass church windows, a whirl of complementary colours, a theological rainbow«.


Symphoniker Hamburg

David Kadouch piano

Nathalie Forget ondes Martenot

conductor Sylvain Cambreling


Olivier Messiaen
Turangalîla Symphony for Piano, Ondes Martenot and Orchestra

Promoter: Symphoniker Hamburg

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