Suzanne Ciani

Hamburg International Music Festival / ePhil (substitute date)

This concert has already taken place! 18
This concert has already taken place! 18
Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani © RBMA Maria Jose Govea

She is regarded as »America’s first female synth hero«: Suzanne Ciani has been active in the electronica scene for 50 years now. Making virtuoso use of the Moog synthesizer, she has produced countless film and TV scores, ambient sound sculptures and sound logos e.g. for Coca-Cola and computer manufacturer Atari. She has been nominated for a Grammy no less than five times. The four-channel setting, where the audience hears the music from all four corners of the concert hall, has always been one of her favourite projects. And she makes a guest appearance with this surround sound to open the »ePhil« series in the Elbphilharmonie.

Please note: This event replaces the cancelled concert from 16 January 2022. Tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for this event.

Suzanne Ciani had just graduated with a master’s degree from the renowned Berkeley College when she met synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla in 1968 – an encounter that was to change her life. She adopted the legendary »Buchla 200« as her instrument. Film soundtracks, sound design, New Age pieces – few other artists made their mark on electronic music as Ciani did. Be it the world-famous sound logo »Pop & Pour« or the penetrating digital sounds for the pinball machine »Xenon«: Suzanne Ciani’s sound worlds are known even to people who normally have nothing to do with electronic music. She even managed to get American talkmaster David Letterman interested in synthesizer music…


Suzanne Ciani live electronics


Four Sequences for Buchla

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