Sosa / Kraus / Piñera »Vibe Factor« & Daniel Erdmann’s »Thérapie de Couple«

NDR Jazz at the Rolf-Liebermann-Studio

This concert has already taken place! 21
This concert has already taken place! 21
Vibe Factor
Vibe Factor © Daniel Lindenblatt
Daniel Erdmann’s »Thérapie de Couple«
Daniel Erdmann’s »Thérapie de Couple« © Romuald Ducros

Couples’ therapy

»Vibe Factor« – three award-winning musicians who set off a fireworks display of modern beats and South American polyrhythmics. In the course of his career, Uruguayan percussionist Diego Piñera has accumulated an enormous body of musical knowledge. He studied in Havanna and at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and he now teaches himself in Germany. With his insatiable thirst for new sounds, he is the perfect partner for pianist Omar Sosa, one of the innovators of Afro-Cuban music and another much-travelled artist who now lives in Europe. Piñera and Sosa share a love of salsa, soul, classical music and hip-hop. German trumpeter Joo Kraus has already been on tour with Sosa several times, and completes this dynamic trio. After the interval, the German-French ensemble »Thérapie de Couple« can be heard.

»In couples therapy, the relationship we are talking about is of course the relationship between Germany and France. The engine that drives Europe has a marital crisis from time to time.« Daniel Erdmann has lots of experience with this particular relationship: he has been travelling to and fro between the two countries for over 20 years, and is equally successful in both. Erdmann’s project Therapie de Couple« unites six highly individual musicians from Germany and France. In the wide territory that lies between composition and improvisation, they explore the spectrum of feelings and actions that swim to the surface in the »therapeutic« process: moments of tranquillity alternate with new departures, while beauty and harmony alternate with the intense struggle for freedom.

This exceptional project had its successful premiere at »jazzahead!« 2023, and it can now be heard in the Rolf Liebermann Studio. Daniel Erdmann has a long-standing connection with the NDR jazz concerts: »This is somewhere where you feel really accepted as a musician, as if you had been involved for ages. That makes you want to ›give something in return‹ in musical form.


Set I

»Vibe Factor«

Omar Sosa piano
Joo Kraus trumpet
Diego Piñera drums

Set II

Daniel Erdmann’s »Thérapie de Couple«

Daniel Erdmann tenor saxophone
Hélène Duret clarinet
Théo Ceccaldi violin
Vincent Courtois violoncello
Robert Lucaciu bass
Eva Klesse drums


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