Sinn-Phonietta / Mercedes Díaz García

Talk Concert: Spain and Latin America Modern

This concert has already taken place! 20 | 28
This concert has already taken place! 20 | 28
Sinn-Phonietta © Armin-Levy Raawii
Mercedes Díaz García
Mercedes Díaz García © TaiZhi Shao

The northern German ensemble Sinn-Phonietta wants to introduce contemporary music and avant-garde from Spain and Latin America to a new and young audience and explain the works in conversation with the artists and make them emotionally understandable. The highlight will be the premiere of the commissioned composition »Agony & ecstasy of a sentient machine« by the Spanish composer and arranger Juan José Colomer. There will also be a premiere by Miguel Ángel Hurtado and pieces by Fabià Santcovsky, Beatriz Arzamendi and the Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz. The latter combines avant-garde tonal language with Mexican folkloristic elements in her work »Corpórea«.



conductor Mercedes Diaz Garcia

Kerim Pamuk moderation


Beatriz Arzamendi
Música para catorce momentos estelares (Music for 14 highlights)

Fabià Santcovsky
Franz oyéndose en el reflejo del viento a través del tiempo (Franz hears himself in the reflection of the wind through time)

Miguel Ángel Hurtado Meseguer
3 Bagatelas (Premiere)

Gabriela Ortiz

Juan José Colomer
Agony & ecstasy of a sentient machine (Premiere)

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Promoter: Sinn-Phonietta e.V.

In cooperation with Instituo Cervantes Hamburg
With support of the Rudolf-Augstein-Stiftung

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