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The combination of authentic Indian classical music and modern jazz can sound thoroughly organic, as is demonstrated by tabla drummer Sarathy Korwar and his Upaj Collective, which unites musicians from both genres. In this crossover band, the traditional sounds of the tanpura meet up with saxophone improvisations, and funk beats encounter the humming overtones of the sitar: Indo-jazz fusion at its best! The group appears at the Elbphilharmonie at the invitation of Anoushka Shankar as part of her »Reflektor« weekend.

Born in the USA, he grew up in India and reached musical maturity in England: this turbulent biography forms the basis for the superb sound collages of tabla player and percussionist Sarathy Korwar. The 29-year-old uses India's percussion heritage as a grounding for his incredibly creative music, which combines biting political rap and traditional Indian sounds, jazz improvisation, hip-hop grooves and street music from modern mega-cities like Mumbai. A fascinating kaleidoscope of globalisation, migration and culture clash that finds perfect expression in the multinational Upaj Collective – and the optimum setting in Anoushka Shankar's »Reflektor« festival.


Sarathy Korwar drums

Upaj Collective

Tamar Osborn baritone saxophone
Al MacSween piano
Giuliano Modarelli guitar
Jasdeep Degun sitar
Domenico Angarano double bass
Pirashanna Thevarajah mridangam

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Around the World


Reflektor Anoushka Shankar

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