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Livestream: NDR Bigband / Geir Lysne

Stravinsky Festival

This concert has already taken place!
This concert has already taken place!

Swing, Ingor, Swing

Geir Lysne has been bandleader of the NDR Bigband since 2016. He has evolved his own individual view of contemporary big-band music, not only as a conductor, but also as a composer and arranger. His arrangements of music by Grieg, Penderecki or Telemann are unique: using quotations, phrases and other musical parameters, he has created a completely new kind of big-band music that lies between classical and jazz, between improvisation and composition. This will be his approach to Stravinsky as well, whose love of jazz is well-documented.

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NDR Bigband

direction Geir Lysne


»Windows to Stravinsky«

Promoter: NDR