Ensemble Resonanz / Saerom Park / Dirk Rothbrust

Portrait Rebecca Saunders / Hamburg International Music Festival

Rebecca Saunders
Rebecca Saunders © Astrid Ackermann
Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult

Zen masters of attention

Therapy for the restless and the overstimulated – that’s one way to describe Rebecca Saunders’s music. »She focuses the ear on minute gradations of timbre and intonation, and turns her performers into Zen masters of attention and focus«, writes the Guardian. How fortunate, then, that no less than five Elbphilharmonie concerts are dedicated to Saunders this season. Bringing this spotlight to a close is the award-winning Ensemble Resonanz – with a full-length Saunders programme, of course.

Characteristically of Saunders, the Concerto for Violoncello, Strings and Percussion explores a minute musical ornament, the trill. In the hands of the cellist Saerom Park, it is transformed, says Saunders, into an »unpredictable sound fragment«. A backdrop of shimmering overtones and glissandi animates the piece »Unbreathed« with an eerie magic. And to close, »All that dust« is an opportunity for the percussion to shine, brilliantly performed by Dirk Rothbrust. As one critic brilliantly summarised, »Saunders is looking to create moments of such intensity that music ceases to simply be sound, but becomes an all-consuming synaesthetic experience.«

Audio introduction


Ensemble Resonanz

Saerom Park violoncello

Dirk Rothbrust drums

conductor Gregor A. Mayrhofer


Rebecca Saunders
Module 1 »melody« / aus: Dust
Module 5 »metal« / aus: Dust
Module 3 »triangles« / aus: Dust
Module 4 »crystal« / aus: Dust

William Byrd
Fantasia a 6 Nr. 2 g-Moll

Rebecca Saunders
Ire / Concerto for Violoncello, Strings and Percussion

Pre-Concert Talk

(in German)

18:30 / Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal


Hamburg International Music Festival


Rebecca Saunders

Promoter: HamburgMusik

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