Duo Kermani-Gentili


A musical proclamation

The Dutch clarinettist Kymia Kermani and the Italian pianist Alba Gentili present their latest studio album – a duo programme, featuring works by European women composers, that takes the audience on a captivating voyage of discovery. Starting from the valid assumption that »female composers have always been a part of the musical landscape and have influenced the course of history«, Kermani and Gentili combine and juxtapose renowned Romantics such as the Flotow and Saint-Saëns student Clémence de Grandval and her equally prolific compatriot Mélanie Bonis with female composers from the 20th century.


Duo Kermani-Gentili

Kymia Kermani clarinet
Alba Gentili-Tedeschi piano


Clémence de Grandval
Deux pièces

Barbara Heller
Auszüge aus »Luftspuren«

Elisabeth Lutyens
Five Little Pieces op. 14/1

Barbara Heller
Auszüge aus »Luftspuren«

Ida Gotokovsky
Images de Norvège

Barbara Heller
Auszüge aus »Luftspuren«

– Interval –

Elisabeth von Sachsen-Meiningen

Ursula Mamlok
Rückblick: In Erinnerung an die Reichspogromnacht vom 9. November 1938

Mélanie Bonis
L’ange gardien op. 99
Une flûte soupire op. 117/1
Au crépuscule oo. 111

Susanne Stelzenbach
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