Against Silence. Against Anti-Semitism.

Solidarity Concert feat. Igor Levit, Michel Friedman, Efrat Alony, Alan Gilbert, Malakoff Kowalski, Tim Mälzer, Düzen Tekkal, Olli Schulz and others

Sold out 15 | 20 | 42 | 53 | 62 Remaining tickets occasionally available at box office
Sold out 15 | 20 | 42 | 53 | 62 Remaining tickets occasionally available at box office
Igor Levit
Igor Levit © Felix Broede
Malakoff Kowalski
Malakoff Kowalski © Julija Goyd
Efrat Alony
Efrat Alony © HÁ Küster
Olli Schulz
Olli Schulz © Jenna Dallwitz

Appell an die Menschlichkeit

For Igor Levit, »being human« means standing up for understanding and remembrance, being loud where others remain silent. On the stage of the Grand Hall of the Elbphilharmonie, where he has already performed dozens of times, Igor Levit now gathers friends and companions for an unmistakable protest against the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany. An evening of solidarity with Michel Friedman, Olli Schulz, Efrat Alony, Alan Gilbert, Malakoff Kowalski, Düzen Tekkal, Tim Mälzer and others.

Please note: this event takes place in German.

Since the brutal attack on 7 October at the latest, increasingly blatant anti-Semitism has also been observed in Germany; hatred and incitement are booming. Since then, artists around Igor Levit have intervened several times to counter contempt for humanity with the power of art and the spirit of cooperation. In the Elbphilharmonie, too, all the artists involved want to make a statement that is not merely symbolic. The proceeds from ticket sales will go to OFEK e.V., a counselling centre for anti-Semitic violence and discrimination, and to the Bornplatz Synagogue Foundation, whose new building sends a strong signal for the future of Jewish life in Germany.


Igor Levit piano

Malakoff Kowalski piano

Johanna Summer Klavier

Alan Gilbert violin

Efrat Alony Gesang

Dirk von Lowtzow guitar, vocals

Olli Schulz guitar, vocals

sowie Michel Friedman, Tim Mälzer, Düzen Tekkal, Ronya Othmann und weitere Gäste


Against Silence. Against Anti-Semitism
Solidarity concert featuring Igor Levit and guests

Estimated end time

approx. 23:00

Promoter: HamburgMusik / Konzertdirektion Dr. Rudolf Goette

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