Unterdeck / Below Deck

Fresh Music in the Kaistudio

Frauke Aulbert
Frauke Aulbert © Steffi Au

The Decoder Ensemble from Hamburg is currently making a name for itself as one of the most exciting formations of the international contemporary music scene. More than reason enough to invite the group for an extensive performance in Kaistudio 1, »below deck« at the Elbphilharmonie. This highly adaptable space allows audiences to experience the various expressive levels of contemporary performance vividly and at close quarters.

Just the right place, then, for this ever-changing musical collective, which sees itself more as a band than a chamber music ensemble. The Decoders join forces with artists working in a number of genres for the four concerts in this series.

The spectrum ranges from experimental voice performance to high-energy instrumental music and multimedia. The series starts with Frauke Aulbert’s solo evening, in which beat-boxing meets contemporary music, and rhythmical language is translated into neo-avant-gardist sound art.

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A band that’s nothing if not daring invites the public to attend musical experiments in the Kaistudio: a portrait of Ensemble Decoder.