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Press Kit: The Elbphilharmonie Organ

A unique concert hall organ has been developed by the famous Johannes Klais Orgelbau workshop in Bonn for the Grand Hall, the heart of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Press Information

Not only does the Elbphilharmonie organ fit perfectly into the spectacular architecture of the Grand Hall, it also honours the exciting concept that is a deeply ingrained part of Hamburg’s new cultural landmark: making music accessible, approachable and affordable for everyone. The organ does not tower high above the heads of the audience. It is located in, next to and behind the terraced rows of seats. Some of the 4,765 pipes are visible and are fitted around the hall where you can touch them.

The organ was built by the famous Johannes Klais Orgelbau workshop in Bonn, which is now run by the fourth generation of organ makers. The concept for the organ was developed by Manfred Schwartz, the organ expert who has overseen the project from the very beginning. The Elbphilharmonie’s titular organist is the world-renowned concert organist Iveta Apkalna...