Hasi und Juri Tetzlaff

Hasi and the String Instruments

What do you do with a bow? An online concert given by the Symphoniker Hamburg for children aged 3 to 6. With Juri Tetzlaff, presenter of the children’s TV channel Kika.

Popular with the younger listeners: the Symphoniker Hamburg’s floor-cushion concerts with Hasi and his best friend Juri Tetzlaff, featuring exciting stories and music. The coronavirus crisis means that Hasi and Juri can’t receive any visitors at the Laeiszhalle, so they are going to visit all the children at home instead – with new episodes via video.

Hasi and Juri Tetzlaff
Hasi and Juri Tetzlaff © Symphoniker Hamburg

Episode 1: Hasi and the String Instruments

In their first online adventure, Juri takes the route that the children normally follow to get to the live Hasi concerts, and pays his blue friend a visit in the Laeiszhalle Studio E. Here the two friends get to know two string instruments, the violin and the cello. And what happens when they string the bow and fire an arrow…? Have fun listening and dancing to the music!

»The children have grown very fond of Hasi and haven’t forgotten him in the last few months – that much is evident from all the letters and pictures they send him. Of course we’re looking forward to live Hasi concerts again as soon as possible. But in the meantime, the video medium offers new insights: the children can look at the instruments in detail, and get a chance to view the Laeiszhalle’s backstage areas, the Brahms Foyer and the music archive.«

Johanna Franz (Head of Education)


Juri Tetzlaff presentation and text
Melanie Weirather Hasi
Satoko Koike violin
Eugene Lifschitz violoncello
Johanna Franz, Philine Korkisch, Juri Tetzlaff concept

This online concert is an event of the Symphoniker Hamburg. You can find more content in their media library at www.symphonikerhamburg.de.

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