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Folk music reloaded: The Ukrainian quartet presents folk tradition in a new guise.

Take traditional Ukrainian folk music, mix it with other musical influences, and the result is Dakhabrakha! The group itself calls its music »ethnic chaos«, and the songs are full of dramatic tension and power, humour and melancholy. The four musicians wear traditional colourful costumes, and their sound is minimalistic, sacred and contemporary at the same time.

The band was founded in 2004 by Vladyslav Troitskiy, director of the avant-garde theatre Dakh, and it takes its name from the Ukrainian words for give and take. The underlying concept is to record folk music in its area of origin and then combine it with other musical influences.

The Kyiv band has been experimenting for nearly 20 years now with folk-song motifs from the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Their thrilling music celebrates freedom – more than ever since Russia invaded the Ukraine.


The band is combining with its stream a call for donations to »Vitsche«, a group of young Ukrainians in Berlin that organises protests, educational events and humanitarian aid for the Ukraine, and helps refugees.

Dakhabrakha plays a Tiny Desk Concert



Marko Halanevych vocals, darbuka, tabla, accordion
Iryna Kovalenko vocals, djembe, accordion, bugay, zgaleyka
Olena Tsybulska vocals, bass drum, percussion, garmoshka
Nina Garenetska vocals, cello, bass drum



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