Aynur & Kayhan Kalhor
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Aynur & Kayhan Kalhor

A highlight from the »Kurdistan« festival: star singer Aynur and kamancheh virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor perform a joint concert in the Grand Hall

Kayhan Kalhor and the Alevi singer Aynur are two of the biggest names in Kurdish music culture, and they are coming to the Elbphilharmonie – a rare chance to experience the two on stage together. They call their diverse programme »Hidden melodies from the Kurdish mountains«. After getting the evening underway with a song together, Kayhan Kalhor – who comes from the Kurdish part of Iran – presents his project »Silent City« about the city of Halabja, which was destroyed by the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Aynur then performs some of her hits – as well as a brand-new song. The two musicians are accompanied by Hamburg’s renowned Ensemble Resonanz.

Aynur & Kayhan Kalhor Aynur & Kayhan Kalhor © Daniel Dittus
Aynur Aynur © Daniel Dittus
Aynur Aynur © Daniel Dittus
Kayhan Kalhor Kayhan Kalhor © Daniel Dittus
Aynur Aynur © Daniel Dittus


Aynur vocals, tembûr
Kayhan Kalhor kamancheh

Ensemble Resonanz

Caner Malkoç clarinet
Hayden Chisholm saxophone
Franz von Chossy piano
Chris Jennings double bass
Patrick Goraguer drums

Festival »Kurdistan« :17.–19. November 2023

A weekend-festival that celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of Kurdish music.

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