Angélique Kidjo
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Angélique Kidjo’s African Women All-Stars

For the culmination of her »Reflektor« festival, Africa's most prominent female singer assembles several of her best colleagues on the Elbphilharmonie stage.

The concert of the African Women All-Stars is the culmination of the »Reflektor« festival and can be seen as a celebration of mutual empowerment. Angélique Kidjo invited the singers Dobet Gnahoré and Lura from the festival line-up, as well as the two sisters Tatiana and Carine Ahissou, who appear together as the duo Tériba. Their music is built around traditional rhythms, dances and Yoruba singing from their native Benin, as well as a connection with masked rituals and the women's strong presence. Tatiana and Carine grew up with Kidjo's music, and it was her songs that first inspired them to sing themselves. Their repertoire, acoustic and a cappella, speaks directly to the heart.

Anyone who has been to a concert featuring Angélique Kidjo knows that as the shining light of a Pan-African, global culture she always has people in her mind and heart alike. Her thrilling and infectious art is devoted to humanity at large.

Lura Lura © Gonçalo Claro
Dobet Gnahoré Dobet Gnahoré © Jean Goun


Angélique Kidjo vocals

Dobet Gnahoré vocals

Lura vocals

Tériba Duo vocals

Amen Viana guitar

Thierry Vaton keyboard

Rody Cereyon bass

Gregory Louis drums

David Donatien percussion


»Angélique Kidjo‘s African Women All-Stars«

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