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Ganz Wien
Ganz Wien © Bea Kiss

Fri, 28 Feb 2020 - Sun, 1 Mar 2020

Ganz Wien

New and Old Viennese Songs, Presented by the Creative Minds of the Local Scene

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The so-called »Wiener Schmäh«, the special Viennese sense of humour, is known all over the world, not only in its city of origin. But no-one can actually say what constitutes it. A Viennese native would put on an intonation of slight suffering and pontificate about the high art of moaning and being generally grumpy, but that is not really much help to some »Piefke« (twerp) of a visitor. Nor is it adequately described by terms like »black humour« or »indirect, ironic way of talking«. The word »Schmäh« itself translates as insult or abuse. One thing is for sure: »Wiener Schmäh« is as much a feature of the city on the Danube as the spritzer at a »Heurige« bar or the grouchy waiter in a café. It is also present in traditional Viennese music, especially in the local song genre »Wienerlied«. The Elbphilharmonie celebrates the »Wiener Schmäh«, the »Wienerlied« and other typical Viennese traditions with the »Ganz Wien« festival.

Supported by the Freundeskreis Elbphilharmonie + Laeiszhalle e.V.