Elbphilharmonie Summer

Three weeks of pop, jazz and classical music played by the world’s best orchestras in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall

Where the sun shines into the concert hall: for three weeks in August, »Elbphilharmonie Summer« offers a wonderfully refreshing programme with exciting bands and orchestras from around the world.

There is something here for everyone: after the opening concert with the jazz legend Kenny Barron there are two silent films with live music, and captivating ensembles such as the Afrobeat jazz band Sons of Kemet, who introduce the »Afrofuturism« spotlight. Barron’s jazz colleague Jason Moran then gives a solo performance on the piano. The second half of the summer belongs to the symphony orchestras, including the Chineke! Orchestra from London. Predominantly made up of people of colour and members of ethnic minorities, the orchestra not only performs excellent music, it also conveys a political message: more diversity in music!

This is a path also taken by the Philadelphia Orchestra, which is coming to Hamburg with the soprano Angel Blue and a programme of works mainly by black, female composers. Together with the orchestras from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, it forms an America spotlight leading up to the grand finale: after two years in which coronavirus restrictions practically put a stop to international touring, three leading US orchestras give guest performances in the Elbphilharmonie in the same week. For the Hamburg audience, this is an exciting opportunity to discover anew the qualities of these orchestras as they perform with top soloists.

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The Chineke! Orchestra – a portrait

»Driving change and celebrating diversity in classical music« – a very special ensemble conquers the world of music.

»From the New World« with Manfred Honeck
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Video on demand from 26 Mar 2021 : »From the New World« with Manfred Honeck

The NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra plays Dvořák’s much-loved Ninth Symphony and celebrates the debut of the young star violinist María Dueñas.

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