hr-Sinfonieorchester / »Philip Glass zum 80.« / »Philip Glass at 80«

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

This event has already taken place! € 74.00 | 64.00 | 54.00 | 44.00 | 34.00
This event has already taken place! € 74.00 | 64.00 | 54.00 | 44.00 | 34.00

There is hardly anyone in the western world who has not heard the music of Philip Glass. He has composed soundtracks for popular films such as »The Hours« and »Kundun«, and he has had a broad and far-reaching influence, more so than any other contemporary composer.

With his radical restriction to repetitive motifs and rhythms, his work produces a kind of trance-like pull on the listener, an effect few people can resist. His music has long been familiar to the masses, and this is especially true about works such as his First Symphony, which makes use of three songs from David Bowie’s 1977 album »Low«.

Glass was already 55 years old at that time, and he’d only composed his first concerto – the Violin Concerto No. 1 – a few years before that. But age is relative, and Philip Glass, who is celebrating his 80th birthday in 2017, is still composing music that appeals to young and old, establishment and underground alike.


hr-Sinfonieorchester orchestra

Daniel Hope violin

conductor Hugh Wolff


Maurice Ravel
Une barque sur l'océan / Orchesterfassung

Philip Glass
Konzert für Violine und Orchester

- Interval -

Philip Glass
Symphony No. 1 »Low«

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