The Best of Hans Zimmer

Cinema Festival Symphonics / Stephen Ellery

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Tickets from €63.25 63.25 | 69.85 | 78.65 | 86.35
The Best of Hans Zimmer
The Best of Hans Zimmer © Florian Luxemburger
Laeiszhalle Hamburg
Laeiszhalle Hamburg © Maxim Schulz

Powerful. Beautiful. Breathtaking. This is how the music of two-time Oscar winner Hans Zimmer can be described. His most famous melodies, from the heroic power of »Gladiator« to the deeply moving harmonies of »The Lion King«, from the melancholy»Rain Man« to the nerve-wracking»Inception«, impressively demonstrate Zimmer’s gift for taking listeners straight to the heart of film stories.

Zimmer’s sense of epic storytelling and his keen sense of the emotional depth of each scene have secured him a permanent place in the hearts of music lovers and filmgoers. His music is far more than a collection of beautiful melodies – it is a universal language that touches, inspires and connects.

»The Best of Hans Zimmer in Concert« is a tribute to the masterful film composer, whose work is synonymous with emotion and goosebumps. The ensemble of soloists, choir and large orchestra of the Cinema Festival Symphonics masterfully interprets the world of unforgettable compositions that have been making cinemas tremble and hearts beat faster for years.

From the imposing intensity of »Pirates of the Caribbean« to the futuristic soundscape of »Inception«, the large orchestra, soloists and choir offer an unmissable experience for fans of film music. Epic and dramatic, when the first notes of »The Dark Night« fill the room. Excitement and action flow through the hall when the powerful sounds of»Mission Impossible« captivate the audience.

Every note that resonates through the concert hall immerses the guests in worlds of film music. The epic and dramatic compositions are enhanced by a breathtaking backdrop of synchronised screen animations and lighting effects.


Cinema Festival Symphonics

conductor Stephen Ellery



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