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»Venice« Easter Festival

This concert has already taken place! € 47.00 | 41.00 | 30.00 | 15.00 | 10.00
This concert has already taken place! € 47.00 | 41.00 | 30.00 | 15.00 | 10.00

Four hundred years of music history separate the two native Venetians Gabrieli and Nono. One was an organist and composer who perfected Venetian polychoral music at St. Mark’s Basilica by distributing several groups of singers in the galleries around the space. The other became the leading figure in post-war avant-garde and brought the Communist class struggle to the stage in music. However, his »Love Song« is a work that hovers delicately in the space – a declaration of love to his future wife, the daughter of Arnold Schönberg. In the Vocalconsort Berlin, an outstanding choir performs on this evening.


Capella de la Torre

shawm and direction Capella de la Torre Katharina Bäuml

Vocalconsort Berlin

conductor Michael Alber

Ilka Seifert spatial design


Emilio de’ Cavalieri
O che nuovo miracolo (Text: Laura Guidiccioni)

Giovanni Gabrieli
Timor et tremor / Motette für sechsstimmigen Chor
O Domine Jesu Christe / Motette für zwei vierstimmige Chöre
Canzon III a 6
Domine exaudi orationem / Motette für zwei Chöre
Jubilate Deo à omnis terra / Motette für acht Stimmen

Luigi Nono


Giovanni Gabrieli
Sacri di Giove augei / Madrigal a 12
Lieto godea / Madrigal à 8
O che felice giorno / Madrigal a 8
Plaudite, psallite, iubilate / Motette zu zwölf Stimmen in drei Chören mit Instrumenten

Luigi Nono
Sarà dolce tacere (Süß wird schweigen sein)

Cristofano Malvezzi
Dal vago e bel sereno

Giovanni Gabrieli
Omnes gentes plaudite manibus aus Sacrae symphoniae

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