Philharmonic Chamber Music Recital

Dvořák / Schäfer

This concert has already taken place! 11 | 15.40 | 22 | 30.80
This concert has already taken place! 11 | 15.40 | 22 | 30.80

Dvořáks American Dream

Dvořák’s fascination with America and his impressions of his three years in the country are not only manifested in the title of his well-known symphony »From the New World«, but also of the »American« Suite – despite the fact that neither employs a particularly American idiom. Both in this five-movement suite and in the Bagatelles, the Bohemian, dance-like element is present and distinctive. The Philharmonic’s own principal double bass player Stefan Schäfer completes the programme with one of his own compositions: »Die Glieder der Kette«.


Alexander Bachl clarinet

Olivia Comparot bassoon

Bernd Künkele french horn

Annette Schäfer violin

Imke Dithmar-Baier violin

Naomi Seiler viola

Thomas Tyllack violoncello

Stefan Schäfer double bass

Jakob Neubauer accordion


Antonín Dvořák
Bagatellen op. 47 / Bearbeitung für Streichtrio und Akkordeon

Stefan Schäfer
Die Glieder der Kette für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Akkordeon


Antonín Dvořák
Suite A-Dur op. 98b / Bearbeitung für Oktett von Ulf-Guido Schäfer

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