NDR Family Concert

»Bravissimo, Rossini!« / For children aged 3+

»Bravissimo, Rossini!«
»Bravissimo, Rossini!« © Markus Krüger

As a child Gioachino Rossini travelled with his parents, both professional musicians, from one theatre to another; aged 18, he composed his first opera, and ten years after that he was the most famous composer of his time. »Everyone enjoys my music,« the renowned Italian opera composer exclaimed a good 200 years ago. And nowadays? How do you like his music?


Wolfgang Ritter flute

Michael Stürzinger violin

Rainer Lechtenbrink viola

Phillip Wentrup violoncello

Christina Dean scenography


»Bravissimo, Rossini!«

Promoter: NDR