love est. 2023. wie wir lieben

Hamburg International Music Festival

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Stadtlied © Claudia Höhne

A community project that’s as colourful as Hamburg itself: »Love est. 2023« brings together Hamburg residents with very different backgrounds, nationalities and life situations. Under the guidance of artists and teachers, they create a unique art project that captures the many facets of love in our time: some make music, while others write lyrics and poetry or study choreographies. After five months, everything is brought together and performed with Ensemble Resonanz in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall – as part of the Hamburg International Music Festival, which in 2023 is all about »love«.


Ensemble Resonanz

Tobias Schwencke composition

Michael Müller, Marie Petzold stage direction

Charlotte Beinhauer, Ilka Berger, Kian Jazdi conception

Suli Puschban, Annegret Winkler workshop leadership

Marte Darmstadt, Sarah Lasaki, Michael Müller workshop leadership

Juan David Garzón, Mais Harb, Martin Renner workshop leadership

Andreas Heise, Kian Jazdi workshop leadership

Marie Petzold workshop leadership


Hamburg International Music Festival

Promoter: HamburgMusik / Ensemble Resonanz / Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg / Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik

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