Lecture: »The Swinging Brain«

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This event has already taken place! 8
Oliver Peter Graber
Oliver Peter Graber © Sabine Klimpt

When the grey matter starts to swing

The healing powers of music were already known in classical antiquity and in other ancient cultures. For centuries, thoughts on the subject remained a matter of experience and intuition, but with the passing of time, Western science began to take an interest, seeing potential both in the field of health care in general and specifically for the prevention of illnesses like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. Neurophysiologists in particular are currently investigating to what extent reciprocal effects can be shown between the human brain and music that a person plays himself. At the »Elbphilharmonie Jazz Academy«, Oliver Peter Graber reports on the latest interesting developments in the field. Graber is a composer and musician, and head of the Research Institute for Musical Medicine at the JAM Music Lab, a private college for jazz and pop music in Vienna.

Please note: Out of consideration for the international public attending the »Elbphilharmonie Jazz Academy«, this public lecture will be held in English.

His talk focuses on fine motor skills, network activation and the fascinating phenomenon of neuroplasticity: to what degree do our actions and our mental and emotional input into the brain affect its physiological structure? Can we selectively optimise the brain by making music? How does improvisation, a key feature in jazz, affect our cognitive abilities? And why is playing the piano regarded as the non plus ultra for the brain? Graber’s lecture aims to encourage people to think about music in a new way. Based on the latest research fundings and illustrated by imagery from brain research, his inspiring talk celebrates the outstanding importance of music for human beings.


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