Julia Reidy

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This concert has already taken place! 18
Julia Reidy
Julia Reidy © Camille Blake

Mountains of otherworldly folk guitars

Julia Reidy overlays vast spheres of sounds on top of each other. Frugally delicate picking on the twelve-string folk guitar, the sounds of various synthesizers, and Reidy’s surreal voice, processed by effects devices. All of which invites the listener to dive into an ocean of music that blends rock and hand-crafted ambient.

Julia Reidy has now been living in Berlin for almost a decade, a period in which she has undergone a process of musical reorientation. Reidy originally headed to the German capital for a short break from her jazz guitar studies in Sydney, but she was electrified by the Berlin scene.

Julia Reidy performs in various duo formations, is a member of Oren Ambarchi’s band »Carpe Diem« and straddles the line between the avantgarde of the alternative scene and improvised music. The woody acoustics of the guitar is the foundation of Reidy’s music, which plays with alternative moods and produces acoustic sounds that seem both unfamiliar and otherworldly. Like country folk on a glass harmonica or blues on the concert harp. Around these guitar sounds, Reidy constructs her own, sometimes extra-long, slowly developed, electro-acoustic works.


Julia Reidy guitar

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