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Kraftwerk Bille
Kraftwerk Bille © Freda Fiala

Kraftwerk Bille

Hallo: Festspiele / 23 May–1 June

Hamburg International Music Festival

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In the east of Hamburg, in the industrial district of Hammerbrook, where the Bille flows into the Elbe, you’ll find the old Bille coal power station. First connected to the grid in 1901, it has been many years since the power plant has produced electricity and it stands empty for the most part today. Since 2015, HALLO: e.V., with its annual HALLO: Festspiele, has been working on giving the public access to this space through concerts, art installations, panel discussions, theatre productions, performances and workshops. As was the case for the Elbphilharmonie just a few kilometres away, the identity of an urban industrial setting is preserved here while also being innovatively reinterpreted. Reason enough to bring this special place closer to the Hamburg International Music Festival audience as a »festival within a festival«. The HALLO: Festspiele also explores the theme of »identity« in close coordination with the Hamburg International Music Festival this year.

Promoter: HALLO e.V. / HamburgMusik