Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band

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Advance booking start will be announced at a later time. 10 | 20 | 41 | 57 | 68
Advance booking start will be announced at a later time. 10 | 20 | 41 | 57 | 68

Without Goran Bregovic there would probably never have been a Balkan boom. Since the soundtrack to Emir Kusturica's film »Time Of The Gypsies«, the Bosnian doyen has been the figurehead of the music from south-east Europe with all its exuberance and sorrow. As master of ceremonies of his Wedding and Funeral Band, he conquered the world and became a model for many Balkan orchestras. Now the original returns, with a new programme entitled »Three Letters from Sarajevo«.

More than 20 years later, Bregovic's Wedding and Funeral Band has not lost any of its old rousing freshness: the music of the 9-part formation is driven by an earthy percussion line-up, with saxophone, trumpet and horns at its passionate centre. Soulful singing unfolds over the instruments, with hymns full of pathos, but also with tongue-in-cheek roof-raisers.


Goran Bregovic Wedding and Funeral Band

Goran Bregovic guitar, vocals
Muharem Redzepi percussion, vocals
Stojan Dimov clarinet, saxophone
Bokan Stankovic trumpet
Dragic Velickovic trumpet
Milos Mihajlovic trombone
Aleksandar Rajkovic trombone
Daniele Radkova-Aleksandrova vocals
Ludmila Radkova-Trajkova vocals


»Three Letters from Sarajevo«


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