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Jordi Savall
Jordi Savall © David Ignaszewski

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Großer Saal
Mon, 22 Apr 2019   20:00

From Byzantium to Venice / Jordi Savall

»Venice« Easter Festival

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Venice ruled the Adriatic Sea for a thousand years. Its position between the Western and Eastern Roman Empires and the steady focus on trade and seafaring saw »La Serenissima« become a major power that even ruled Crete and Cyprus for a time, and that was only subjugated by Napoleon. As a result of exchanges with other regions across the Mediterranean, the city was constantly enriched by Christian, Ottoman, Jewish and Islamic culture. Jordi Savall, a Catalan master of the viola da gamba and an adept historian, and his original-sound ensemble sketch a living panorama of the associated cultural influences and developments between Europe and the Orient.


Le Concert des Nations

La Capella Reial de Catalunya

Hespèrion XXI

Musiciens d’Orient Orientalisches Instrumentalensemble

Neochoritis Byzantinisches-Orthodoxes Vokalensemble

direction Jordi Savall


Tausendjähriges Venedig: Begegnung des Orients mit Europa.
Fanfare / instrumental

Ioannis Damaskinos
Halleluja / Byzantinischer Choral

Erotókritos / Byzantinisch / instrumental

Pax! In nomine Domini! / Kreuzfahrerlied

Danse de l'âme / Nordafrika / Überlieferung der Berber
Ton despóti / Byzantinisches Klagelied
Lied und Tanz aus Armenien / instrumental
O totus Asie Gloria, Regis Alexandria Filia / Conductus

Ioannis Damaskinos
Pásan tin elpída mu / Orthodoxes Lied

Chiave, chiave / instrumental
Adoramus te Domine
Tin Déisin mu / Hirmos Calophonique
Nikriz Marsch / Osmanisch

Guillaume Dufay
Lamentatio Sanctae Matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae / Motette

Clément Janequin
La Battaile de Marignan / La Guerre

- Pause -

Salamone Rossi
Al nàhärót bavél / An den Wassern zu Babel

Adrian Willaert
Vecchie letrose / Villanesca a la Napolitana

Johanis Kladás
Géfsasthe ke ìdete / Byzantinischer Hymnus

Claude Goudimel / Ambrosius Lobwasser
Ficht wider meine Anfechter / 35. Psalm

Laïla Djân / Persischer Tanz

Claudio Monteverdi
Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda / aus »Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi ..., libro ottavo«

Antonio Vivaldi
Di queste selve venite, o Numi / aus: La senna festeggiante RV 693

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Alla Turca »Türkischer Marsch« / Sonate A-Dur KV 300i

Deo gratias / Russisch-orthodoxer Hymnus

François Marchant
Nous sommes tous égaux / Lied der Konstitution

Johann Adolf Hasse
Per quel bel viso / Canzonetta veneziana da battello
Mia cara Anzoletta / Canzonetta veneziana da battello

Luigi Bordèse
La Sainte Ligue: La nuit est sombre / nach dem Allegretto der 7. Symphonie von Ludwig van Beethoven
La Sainte Ligue: Vengeons la grande ombre de Guise / nach dem letzten Satz, Allegro, der 5. Symphonie von Ludwig van Beethoven

Pre-Concert Talk with Jordi Savall and Yaltah Worlitzsch
19:00 / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Großer Saal

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Promoter: HamburgMusik

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Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall
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