Ensemble Resonanz / Zubel / Daletska / Strosser / Pomàrico


This concert has already taken place! 14 | 29 | 44 | 59
This concert has already taken place! 14 | 29 | 44 | 59
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Agata Zubel
Agata Zubel © Lukasz Rajchert
Christina Daletska
Christina Daletska © Yuri Helytovych
Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult
Annette Kurz
Annette Kurz © Sinje Hasheider
Emilio Pomárico
Emilio Pomárico © Astrid Ackermann

A piece about disappearance, about those who drowned off the coast of Europe and the limits of articulation: Aperghis’s »Migrants« interweaves passages from Joseph Conrad’s »Heart of Darkness« with the stories of refugees from Africa who survived the Mediterranean. As it is overlaid, language is shipwrecked, becomes splintered, becomes the lost soul who finds itself again as it fades away. Surging cascades of syllables, abstract sounds, string players parting like waves. Until the music goes so far that it no longer knows how to return.


Ensemble Resonanz

Agata Zubel soprano

Christina Daletska mezzo-soprano

Geneviève Strosser viola

conductor Emilio Pomàrico

Annette Kurz scenography


Georges Aperghis
Migrants I-V

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Wed, 18 Jan 2023 18:30
CANCELLED: Pre-Concert Talk (in German), Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal

Promoter: Ensemble Resonanz

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