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CANCELLED: Groupshow / ePhil

As a result of the new Germany-wide coronavirus restrictions that have been issued, all concerts in the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle have been cancelled until 20 December 2020. This event has had to be cancelled. If you bought your tickets in the Elbphilharmonie's online shop, you will be refunded the purchase price via the payment method used for the original booking – you don't need to do anything. You'll find further details on refunds on the following page: Information on refunds for tickets to cancelled events

The music of this supergroup is produced in the moment of collective improvisation. In the tradition of Fluxus and Krautrock, the three representatives of the Berlin electronic scene create an aura that is both hypnotic and radical at the same time.

Imprecise as the term »intelligent electronic music« may be – when it is used, these three artists will certainly be involved. Jan Jelinek with his manic search for vivid sounds which he weaves into a mesh of restrained beats sometimes massive and heavy, sometimes strangely restrained. Hanno Leichtmann with his modern minimal music, which seems to take its cue from club music and dub, summoning up boundless narratives. And Andrew Pekler, who mixes his albums together from fragments of easy-listening kitsch or the soundscapes of lost paradises.

Their group show is the outcome of a free interaction of creative forces. »The general tendency«, thus the band about itself, »is for Jelinek to operate the sampler, the effects machine and the sound mixer. Leichtmann hits the drums, the cymbals and the synthetic drum pads, and Pekler is busy with the buttons and controls of his guitar effects.«  The result sounds radical, rapt and highly hypnotic in equal degrees.



Jan Jelinek live electronics
Hanno Leichtmann live electronics
Andrew Pekler live electronics



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