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CANCELLED: Berliner Barock Solisten / Reinhard Goebel

This concert has already taken place! € 99.60 | 88.30 | 71.50 | 54.60 | 26.50
This concert has already taken place! € 99.60 | 88.30 | 71.50 | 54.60 | 26.50

The concert programme of the Elbphilharmonie and the Laeiszhalle cannot go ahead as planned due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This event has had to be cancelled – it will not be rescheduled on an alternative date. Under the following link you can request a refund of your ticket price: Information on tickets refunds

All six Brandenburg Concertos on a single evening – what would Johann Sebastian Bach have said to that? The concertos were certainly not intended to be performed one after the other, quite the contrary in fact. Bach wrote them at different times, and with different underlying concepts: each concerto highlights one or more different solo instruments that were particularly popular at the time. Only when he had the chance of a new position as kapellmeister at the court of the Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt did he unite the six works in a collection and preface them with the dedication that brought them their famous name. Bach might well have been irritated at first to find the Berliner Barock Solisten, with well-known musicians like Nils Mönkemeyer or Reinhold Friedrich, devoting one concert to what we have come to regard as a cycle. But he would surely have been delighted after all to hear just how well his six concertos go together.


Berliner Barock Solisten

Mathieu Dufour flute

Christoph Hartmann oboe

Radek Baborák french horn

Reinhold Friedrich trumpet

Roberto González-Monjas violin

Nils Mönkemeyer viola

conductor Reinhard Goebel


Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 1 F-Dur BWV 1046
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 5 D-Dur BWV 1050
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 3 G-Dur BWV 1048
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 4 G-Dur BWV 1049
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 6 B-Dur BWV 1051
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 2 F-Dur BWV 1047


Classical Fascination 1

Promoter: Konzertdirektion Dr. Rudolf Goette / HamburgMusik