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Press Release: One Year of Elbphilharmonie

4 Nov 2017: Big birthday party on public viewing deck – Mayor of Hamburg, Minister of Culture and Director of Elbphilharmonie look back at first year

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It turned into a major tourist attraction in record time: exactly a year ago, just a few days after construction of the Elbphilharmonie was completed, the Plaza on the roof of the former quayside warehouse was opened to the public, making the building accessible to everyone for the first time. One year later, the Elbphilharmonie has already welcomed 4,235,000 visitors. Today, many visitors celebrated the occasion in the presence of the Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, the city’s Minister of Culture and Media, Dr Carsten Brosda, and the General and Artistic Director of the Elbphilharmonie, Christoph Lieben-Seutter. In addition to the Elbphilharmonie itself, the focus was on all those guests whose birthday likewise falls on 4 November: a small ceremony was held with a raffle awarding the winners concert tickets, an overnight stay at the Westin Hotel in the Elbphilharmonie, an evening meal at the Störtebeker Restaurant and guided tours through the concert hall. Until 18:00 today, all Plaza visitors can enjoy the birthday event with live music, drinks and snacks as well as the spectacular 360° panorama of the city and the docks.

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One Year of Elbphilharmonie