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Colin Currie Group
Colin Currie Group © Debbie Scanlan
Vikingur Olafsson
Vikingur Olafsson © Ari Magg

Maximal minimal

Beats, Patterns, Meditation

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In the mid-1960s, a group of young American composers were exploring for new approaches to music. They began to concentrate on sounds and rhythms, reducing the musical material and organising it into simple, continuously repeating patterns, thereby shifting the listener’s focus onto the smallest of changes in time. Audiences were impressed by the meditative, contemplative sound, which was soon dubbed »minimal music«. The inventors of the genre, such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, have continued to compose new and inspirational works to this day.

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Supported by the Elbphilharmonie Foundation Hamburg

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Music from America

Three Elbphilharmonie festivals take on American music this season: New York Stories, Transatlantic and Maximal minimal. This illuminating seminar highlights the unusual music history of the »New World« in contrast to old Europe.

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