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Aznash Ensemble
Aznash Ensemble


From Liturgical Song to Jazz: A Panorama of Music from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

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There is hardly a region on earth that can, as a historically evolved entity, boast such a diversity of peoples, languages and cultures as the Caucasus. Or such a body of myths: This is where Noah’s ark ran aground, where Jason stole the Golden Fleece, and where Prometheus was chained to a rock. However, the Caucasus has also always been a centre of conflict between cultures, religions and neighbouring powers. The panoramas of this Euro-Asian border region between the Black and the Caspian Seas are breathtaking: rugged mountain ranges and green valleys, barren semi-deserts and lush vegetation, vibrant capital cities and remote villages. The music of the Caucasus is just as diverse as its landscapes, and it has always played an important part in the lives of the people.

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