»Woman King«

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»Woman King«
»Woman King«

Black Female Empowerment

West Africa, 1823: the Kingdom of Dahomey is under threat of invasion by its neighbour, the powerful Oyo Empire. To protect her people, General Nanisca mobilises the »Agojie«, an all-female unit of elite warriors who are famous for their strength and power of resistance. Nanisca subjects her recruits to an uncompromising training regimen, stands in the way of ruthless slave traders, and is also out for personal revenge...  

The action-packed drama »The Woman King«, starring Oscar-winner Viola Davis in the main role, is a powerful statement for black female empowerment. The story is based on historic events that happened in the Kingdom of Dahomey, known today as Benin, in the late 18th century. That’s also the native home of star singer Angélique Kidjo, who features in the film both as an actress and with her Grammy-nominated title song »Keep Rising«. Kidjo has been campaigning for women’s rights and self-determination through her music for decades. Now, as part of her Elbphilharmonie festival »Reflektor Angélique Kidjo«, the drama will be screened in Zeise Kinos on two Sundays.


The Woman King


Reflektor Angélique Kidjo

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