Twinkle Concert M / Pepe & Speedy

Children's Concert: Ages 3-5

This concert has already taken place! € 5.00
This concert has already taken place! € 5.00

Nimble Fingers and a »Pepephone«

When Speedy Gitarros plucks the strings with his nimble fingers, there's no stopping him. It's just that his over-eager friend Pepe is always getting in the way with his own tootling! He even builds his own instrument, the »pepephone«, live onstage. The two musicians switch effortlessly between jazz and pop, folk and classical music.

»Twinkle Concerts« is the series of children's concerts at the Elbphilharmonie that brings the most successful productions from all over Europe to Hamburg. At times funny and playful, at others thoughtful and reflective, the series introduces children to the world of music in a special and unique way. In addition, the popular Elfi Baby Concerts for expectant mothers and parents with babies up to one year of age continue to take place at the Elbphilharmonie and in many Hamburg districts.


Christoph Pepe Auer pepephone, clarinet, saxophone

Manfred Temmel guitar

Lilian Genn Konzept, Dramaturgie

Sigrid Reisenberger stage direction


Eine vergnügliche Reise rund um Gitarre, Saxophon und Pepephon

Duration approx. 30 Min.


Twinkle Concerts M / Ages 3–5

Promoter: HamburgMusik

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