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Female power

Three delicious courses, three thought-provoking questions and three interesting encounters – this simple concept underlies Story-Teller, a series of convivial dining events that has been running since 2016. The dinners bring people together in a sociable setting and get them talking about a chosen theme; on this occasion, the questions are on the subject of »female power« (and yes, men are very welcome to take part!). While the diners tuck in to tasty food, live musical accompaniment is provided by Hamburg-based singer-songwriter Moyo Ray, whose powerful vocals move between jazz and folk. The evening opens with the offer of an aperitif to »loosen the tongue«, then guests start chatting, listening, getting to know one another and enjoying this multisensory experience.

Elbphilharmonie+ is a programme that opens up different ways of looking at the music performed at the Elbphilharmonie – either to supplement a concert, or as an experience in its own right. Interdisciplinary encounters and exhibitions form part of the Elbphilharmonie+ programme, as do concert talks and films shown in museums, libraries, cinemas and community centres.


Moyo Ray Voice, guitar

Katrin Frische moderation

Britta Hieby moderation

Promoter: HamburgMusik / Oberhafen-Kantine Markenrechte GmbH

With the support of Edekabank