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Elbphilharmonie Konzertkino auf dem Vorplatz

This concert has already taken place! € 8.00 | 12.00 | 16.00
This concert has already taken place! € 8.00 | 12.00 | 16.00

»Elbphilharmonie Concert Cinema« is a chance to relax outside, sitting on the floor or in beach chairs, and enjoy concerts on a big screen and in outstanding sound quality – live broadcasts from the Grand Hall as well as concert recordings from the last few years.

Please note: Tickets to this event allow you to attend the Concert Cinema on the Elbphilharmonie forecourt. The event is not held inside the Elbphilharmonie.

Is this music from »Star Wars« or »E.T.«? Such questions regularly pop up when sections of the »Planets« by Gustav Holst are performed. However, it is the other way around: long before the first »talkies« were ever made, British composer Holst created these effective and visionary pieces that have remained popular ever since.

The »Planets« was premiered in 1918, and up until today the work inspires film composers from all over the world, especially those working in the fields of science fiction and space adventure. Of course, laser swords and intergalactic space shuttles were the last thing on Hold’s mind when he wrote this seven-movement orchestral suite. What inspired him were astrological star signs and ascendants. Reading horoscopes gave Holst the idea for composing portraits of individual planets and characterising them with subtitles. For example, Jupiter is the »Bringer of Jollity«. He inspired Holst to pen down a tune that became something of a secret national anthem for the British. And Mars, the »Bringer of War,« contains music that John Williams recycled with ease 60 years later for his soundtrack to »Star Wars.«

In these three extra concerts Krzysztof Urbański and the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra invite you to compare these works – by directly juxtaposing one with the other. The »Planets« cycle is followed by a performance of the »Star Wars« suite by John Williams.


NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester

conductor Krzysztof Urbański


Gustav Holst
Die Planeten / Suite für großes Orchester op. 32

John Williams
Suite aus der Filmmusik zu »Star Wars«


Elbphilharmonie Konzertkino

Promoter: HamburgMusik