»Music for Black Pigeons«

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This event has already taken place!
This event has already taken place!
»Music for Black Pigeons«
»Music for Black Pigeons« © riseandshinecinema

Close contact with big jazz names

Jazz has held a magical attraction for its audience for a good century and a quarter now. Spontaneous improvisation, the intuitive understanding among the musicians, the endless creativity – it all seems so natural, so light and carefree. Only a few listeners pick up the subtle communication via glances and gestures on stage. By the same token, the rehearsal sessions, where what are often highly individual personalities merge into a well-tuned unit, or the players’ approach to life – jazz is often much more to them than »just« music – generally remain concealed from the public.

Discount: On presentation of a ticket for a »Reflektor Bill Frisell« concert in the Elbphilharmonie Recital or Grand Hall, you will receive €1 discount on a ticket for this film screening.

The film »Music for Black Pigeons«, which is showing six times in Hamburg’s Zeise cinema in September and November, offers some insights into this hidden world. The Danish film directors Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed paint a portrait of jazz guitarist and composer Jakob Bro that displays a great love of music and a fine feeling for touching moments. In the process they come very close not only to Bro himself, but also to many fellow musicians, among them Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan, Lee Konitz, Midori Takada, Joe Lovano and Manfred Eicher. The two directors accompanied them for no less than 14 years on their travels through the international jazz scene, gaining deep insights into their thoughts and feelings about music and the world in general.

Some of the artists who appear in the film can also be heard in the Elbphilharmonie this season. Saxophone legend Joe Lovano, for instance, doesn’t miss the chance the play at the concert in honour of Manfred Eicher in the Grand Hall in September, while in November Bill Frisell is putting on a three-day »Reflektor«, where his companion of many years, bass player Thomas Morgan, will be among the guests.


Music for Black Pigeons (director: Jørgen Leth, Andreas Koefoed, DK 2022)

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Reflektor Bill Frisell

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