Lorenz Kellhuber

»Contemporary Chamber Music«

This concert has already taken place! 16 | 21 | 25 | 28
This concert has already taken place! 16 | 21 | 25 | 28
Lorenz Kellhuber
Lorenz Kellhuber © Ronny Dörfler


Classical music is firmly anchored in his DNA, jazz taught him to stand on his own two feet - and in free improvisation Lorenz Kellhuber repeatedly finds the limitless fulfillment of his musical vision, a Contemporary Chamber Music.

Kellhuber plays from the now what his deepest innermost dictates to him: discovering, inventing, rediscovering - there are no limits, except for his own artistic demands. With his concerts, he creates unique snapshots that demand a focussed willingness to listen and reward this listening with the discovery of an incomparable soundscape.

Illuminating all corners of his pianistic and creative skills, Kellhuber lets silence and darkness shine, dips the scenery impressionistically in pastel colors, expands the harmonic spectrum to finely differentiated breadth and depth, and plays himself into a trance with rhythmic expressivity while setting the tones with baroque clarity subsequently.

Lorenz Kellhuber’s concert at Elbphilharmonie is the first live performance of his Contemporary Chamber Music in front of an audience and gives a preview of his upcoming solo album, which will be released on October 29th.


Lorenz Kellhuber piano


Contemporary Chamber Music

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