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»Klangzeit« is the organic further development of the concert format »Distant Sounds«, which the Elbphilharmonie and Ensemble Resonanz have been presenting together for many years. What’s staying the same: the very special and highly accessible concert format, which invites people to listen to music and to sing songs in a relaxed setting. Dreaming and simply being there are expressly allowed. The Ensemble Resonanz musicians play short and varied pieces on their string instruments, and provide accompaniment for the singing. »Klangzeit« lasts around an hour, and a common theme always runs through the sequence of works and songs. What’s changing: from now on, the target audience includes not only people with dementia and their relatives, but also anyone who is seeking to experience live music in contexts other than conventional concert formats. They will also benefit from the fact that many Klangzeit events take place locally in the city districts, which means those who are keen to experience music in their neihbourhoods needn’t travel far.


Ensemble Resonanz

Bogdan Bozovin violin

Benjamin Spillner violin

Justin Caulley viola

Saskia Ogilvie violoncello

Pierre Dekker double bass

Ulrich Wedemeier lute


Werke von Antonio Vivaldi, Robert Fuchs und Krzysztof Penderecki

Francis Cutting

Estimated end time




Promoter: HamburgMusik

In cooperation with the Körber-Stiftung and Ensemble Resonanz

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These concerts have a special magic about them: Ensemble Resonanz plays for dementia sufferers and their families.