Kindergarten Concert »Das Bäumlein«

3–5 Years

This concert has already taken place! 5
This concert has already taken place! 5

Opera for children

The little tree is unhappy about its prickly needles: it would much rather have a coat of soft leaves! Its wish comes true in unexpected fashion… A heart-warming opera with music by Bastiaan Woltjer.

With the Elbphilharmonie’s School and Kindergarten Programme, children and adolescents are able not only to peek behind the scenes of a major concert hall, visit a concert together or meet the artists in person, but also to participate themselves in making music! Learn more


Frisse Oren

Sterre Konijn soprano

Daan Verlaan harp, tenor

Anneke Wensink french horn

Bastiaan Woltjer trombone, tuba, composition

Sybrand van der Werf stage direction

Estimated end time

10:15 / 12:00

Promoter: HamburgMusik