Funkelkonzert XL / Nächste Ausfahrt: Lunar Plexus

Elbphilharmonie Konzertkino auf dem Vorplatz

This concert has already taken place! € 8.00 | 12.00 | 16.00
This concert has already taken place! € 8.00 | 12.00 | 16.00

»Elbphilharmonie Concert Cinema« is a chance to relax outside, sitting on the floor or in beach chairs, and enjoy concerts on a big screen and in outstanding sound quality – live broadcasts from the Grand Hall as well as concert recordings from the last few years.

Please note: Tickets to this event allow you to attend the Concert Cinema on the Elbphilharmonie forecourt. The event is not held inside the Elbphilharmonie.

Felix Kubin, Mark Boombastik and Ensemble Resonanz are on an intergalactic mission: they are collecting sounds for the Plexifon, a cosmic music machine. Guided by their spaceship's slightly confused computer Tipsy, they fly through the cosmos to planets made of water, parallel worlds and aggressive boulders. Hopefully Tipsy doesn't miss the right exit…


Felix Kubin concept, composition, live electronics

Mark Boombastik beatboxing, live sampling

Ensemble Resonanz

David-Maria Gramse violin

Tom Glöckner violin

David Schlage viola

Saskia Ogilvie violoncello

Naama Freedman performance

Bela Brillowska Tipsy's voice

Alessandra Leone visuals

Annette ter Meulen lighting and stage design

Michael Göster stage design

Andreas Kunz stage design

Gloria Brillowska costume design

Cläre Caspar costume design

Elisa Erkelenz concept

Max Knoth arrangements

Maj-Lene Tylkowski assistant director

Mark Schröppel stage direction


Live-Elektronik-Kompositionen von Felix Kubin sowie Musik von Johann Sebastian Bach u. a.


Elbphilharmonie Konzertkino

Promoter: HamburgMusik