Fünf gewinnt!

Children’s Concert: Ages 5+

This concert has already taken place! € 5
This concert has already taken place! € 5

Let’s head outside!

Everything is completely quiet. There is no one around. Do humans hibernate, like hedgehogs? And why do they hide away in the middle of summer? That’s what Miroslav, Maurice, Matthias, Christoph and Zufit are asking themselves. You too have been sitting in your rooms at home for far too long, getting incredibly bored. It’s so much nicer to play, run and jump around together – and sometimes even to argue.

Please note: For concerts in the Grand Hall and Recital Hall, every guest aged 1+ requires their own ticket. Babies who have not had their first birthday can sit on a guardian’s lap and do not need a seat of their own.

So let’s go: there’s nothing like escaping the confines of home, the five say. But it’s not that easy after so much time spent alone. How do the others feel? And how does it feel to be out in the world right now?

There begins a game with music and movement in which the five children get to know, challenge and frighten each other. Initially you hear only soft sounds, then a cautious melody. And in the end, everything builds into a wild dance in which everyone feels how wonderful it is to be together again. Featuring the fantastic band »Uwaga!« and music ranging from classical and Balkan to pop.



Christoph König violin
Maurice Maurer violone
Miroslav Nisic accordion
Matthias Hacker double bass

Zufit Simon dance

Anselm Dalferth stage direction

Mareile Krettek stage design, costume


Niemand zu sehen. Seltsam.

Estimated end time

11:45 / 14:15

Promoter: HamburgMusik

Projektförderer: Haspa Musik Stiftung

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