Far-Off Sounds (3G)

Concerts for people with or without dementia

This concert has already taken place! 5
This concert has already taken place! 5
Ferne Klänge
Ferne Klänge © Claudia Höhne

It’s often sounds and melodies more than anything that clear the fog of the subconscious and bring back memories we thought we had lost. Ensemble Resonanz plays for people suffering from dementia, and for their family and carers.


Ensemble Resonanz

Barbara Bultmann violin

Skaiste Diksaityte violin

Lisa Deutscher viola

Alma-Sophie Starke violoncello

Johannes Ragg double bass

Fernando Olivas theorbo, barock guitar


Werke von Antonio Vivaldi, Robert Fuchs und Krzysztof Penderecki

Promoter: HamburgMusik

In cooperation with Körber Stiftung and Ensemble Resonanz